The flexibility of the space is ideal for our purposes, where we are using the theatre for teaching during the day, requiring the maximum flat floor space to work on, and may then need to convert quickly to theatre use in the evening. The three banks of retractable seating allow us to set up an end stage or thrust configuration very easily.

Jules Crossley, Director of Theatre, Bedford School | The Quarry Theatre

…this is not only a rather beautiful theatre, but also a cunning work of irony and juxtaposition. It is a building of grand intimacy, of flamboyant unobtrusiveness, of historical contemporaneity. It’s a building that asks you to look and to listen; to work and to think. It is, we think, a very clever theatre. 

Dan Rebellato, Professor of Contemporary Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London | The Caryl Churchill Theatre


Foster Wilson Architects has come with a wealth of experience, offering genuine reassurance and capability during the lengthy and daunting process of capital development. The merit of their approach is a real ability to listen to all stakeholders, understanding and incorporating consultation ideas with experience. 

Hayley White, Group Director | Hoxton Hall



I can recommend Foster Wilson Architects in the strongest possible terms: for their imaginative approach to design and problem solving, their ability to listen to their client’s needs, their sensitivity in understanding the competing pressures that can exist within different community groups, and their efficient contract administration. This has led to a highly imaginative building delivered within budget. We are actually delivering more e.g. artist interventions, than we planned at the outset – enough said. 

David Elford, Client Project Manager | Yaa Centre

Foster Wilson Architects’ extensive experience in designing theatres and refurbishing listed buildings produced a stunning facility in the centre of Cheltenham which has been well received by the Local Authority, English Heritage, local residents and the community. 

Colin Shergold, Client Representative, Cheltenham Ladies’ College | Parabola Arts Centre

What we’ve got here is a £40 million building for £10 million. It feels like a brand new theatre.

Peter Wilson, CEO | Norwich Theatre Royal

We used Foster Wilson for a domestic project. We had no experience in building projects at all, but Jonathan and Ed steered us along every step of the way. They brought us a combination of great architectural flair, with a great attention to contractural detail.

Private client | Kelvedon Studio