December 2016:  We decided to participate in Metropolitan Workshop’s Annual Gingerbread Advent Calendar. The challenge was to bake ‘what home means to you’.

We baked a theatre seat because to us, home is always in the theatre.

“Your chosen seat for a performance is where you can feel safe at home whilst being taken on a journey alongside the characters on stage – it supports and comforts you whilst providing a base in which you can be transported into another world… home represents belonging and shared experience, and sitting down to enjoy the theatre is a microcosm of that.”

Daisy prepared a template and baked the different sections of the chair, and Hannah then joined in the icing decoration and construction. Unfortunately, with 2 hours to go until display time the chair was not staying together and crumbled under it’s own weight… back to the drawing board for us this year, but it did taste good!


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