Tricycle Theatre

Client: The Tricycle Theatre Company and The London Borough of Brent

Year: 1980 Budget: £1 million

This 240-seat theatre, first converted by the practice in 1980 from a 1920s Dance Hall, has become one of London’s leading off West End venues. To meet the client’s limited budget and timescale the auditorium was constructed from a standard scaffolding system. Its dimensions and form are closely modelled on the Georgian Theatre in Richmond, Yorkshire, providing a very intimate galleried courtyard space. The scaffolding structure is completed by timber floor decks and canvas balustrade panels.

In 1987 the building was severely damaged by fire and the auditorium lost. The client asked us to restore the original auditorium, with some technical improvements and an increased seating capacity, and to undertake a major remodelling and extension of the front of house, office and backstage areas. Air conditioning and extra seats were added to the auditorium and a new two storey extension was built, providing a workshop and community room and allowing the bar and gallery areas to be enlarged.