Trafalgar Studios

Client: The Ambassador Theatre Group Ltd

Year: 2004 Budget: £1 million

The Grade II listed Whitehall Theatre is a conventional two level auditorium constructed in 1930. Working with Jaques Muir and Partners, we were asked to create an intimate and informal open-stage space – unusual in most West End proscenium theatres.

Listed building consent was granted for a period of 4 years only, which meant that the changes had to be easily reversible and have minimum impact on the Art Deco interior. In Studio 1 the original circle front was removed and the rake of the circle extended forward by 4 rows to meet a new raised stage projecting into the auditorium. The original stalls level, below the circle, has been converted to form Studio 2, a small 100-seat space, with new dressing rooms to serve it provided below the main stage. Studio 1 opened to critical acclaim with the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of ‘Othello’, which transferred from the Swan Theatre in Stratford.