St Paul’s Theatre

Client: The Governors of St Paul’s School and The Mercers’ Company

Year: 1987 Budget: £350,000

This flexible theatre was formed within an existing rectangular school hall to create a comfortable and well-equipped auditorium. It can also be adapted for uses requiring a flat floor, such as dinners and other social events.

The 280-seat open stage auditorium is set on the short axis of the room and consists of a permanent raised gallery which wraps around the apron stage, with a new foyer space below. This is combined with a removable seating system on rostra, which can be cleared to create a large area of flat floor. A floor trench at the front of the stage allows the platform size to be varied or can be filled in to complete the flat floor. A new ventilation system was installed, together with lighting bridges, a suspension grid and a full technical installation. A sense of quality is achieved through the use of ash trim, an iroko strip floor and a carefully selected colour scheme.