Salisbury Playhouse

Client: Salisbury Arts Theatre Limited

Year: 1995 Budget: £1.5 million

National Lighting Award 1997

The Salisbury Playhouse was one of the wave of new provincial theatres constructed in the 1960/70s and was completed in 1975. The upgrading of the building was carried out in two phases. In 1995 the main auditorium and stage were improved, funded by Salisbury District Council, and in 1996 the rest of the building was improved, funded by the National Lottery. Improvements to the main auditorium included renewal of the lighting, seating and finishes. Work in the second phase included the remodelling of the studio theatre, with a new gallery, flexible seating and improved technical facilities. The original foyers have also been dramatically opened up by removing a fire stair, which previously subdivided the space. This has allowed the audience facilities to be rationalised and improved with a new ground floor bar and box office, a remodelled restaurant and more space for exhibitions and corporate entertainment. The external appearance has also been enhanced through redesigned glazing, signage and lighting.