Norwich Theatre Royal

Client: The Theatre Royal, Norwich

Year: 2007 Budget: £5.3 million

The Norwich Society Design Award 2009
RICS East Awards Overall Winner & Community Benefit Award 2008
Local Authority Building Control Awards (East) Winner 2008

The Norwich Theatre Royal was originally constructed in 1935 and had been modified in a piecemeal fashion over the last 70 years. This scheme aimed to rationalise and improve access, audience facilities and the external appearance of the theatre. A new extension to the foyers has been constructed, linking them to an adjoining building and allowing the theatre frontage to be extended and improved. The foyers have been enlarged and re-planned with a new box office, lifts, bars, a restaurant and hospitality rooms and increased toilet provision. The 1300 seat auditorium has been upgraded with new seating, improved legroom, better ventilation, new decorations and lighting and better technical installations. The remodelled elevations radically improve the public perception of the building and its relationship to the city.