House in Kuzdere

Client: Tim Foster / Zerrin Atakan

Year: 2001 Budget: £85,000

This design for a family holiday home in southern Turkey was constructed on 3,000m ² of agricultural land close to the coast. The aim was to create a house, which sat low in the landscape, creating its own sense of place and providing maximum opportunities for outdoor living. It was conceived as a main house, suitable for a couple, with sleeping accommodation for visitors in a separate wing.

The main house faces south and the guest rooms are arranged at right angles to it, forming two sides of a sunny courtyard containing the swimming pool, with the garden and landscape beyond. Outdoor living space is provided by deep verandas sheltering under a large overhanging mono-pitch roof, which prevents the sun from entering the house or heating the large expanse of south-facing glass. Careful orientation, good shading, thick masonry walls, cross ventilation and ceiling fans are all employed to keep the house cool in high summer, without the need for air conditioning.