Edward Alleyn Theatre

Client: The Governors of Dulwich College

Year: 1998 Budget: £600,000

This project involved the remodelling and extension of the school theatre at Dulwich College, which the practice originally designed in 1981. At that time a limited budget meant that only limited foyer and backstage space could be afforded, in addition to the 250-seat flexible courtyard theatre space.

In 1998, the building was enlarged by adding an additional structural bay at each end, matching the form and materials of the original. At the north end, facing the playing fields and the main school, there is an enlarged foyer and bar area, which can be opened to a new external terrace in fine weather. At the south end, the new backstage facilities consist of a scene dock and workshop area, four dressing rooms, toilets and showers, an office for staff and a rehearsal room. The original auditorium, which established a new model for school theatres in 1981, remains physically unaltered but the finishes, services and equipment have been upgraded or renewed.