Cliffs Pavilion

Client: The Borough of Southend-on-Sea

Year: 1992 Budget: £4 million

Civic Design Award 1993

The original Cliffs Pavilion was a multi-purpose civic auditorium completed in 1964 with a capacity of 1100 seats. The Borough’s aim in undertaking these alterations was to increase the auditorium’s capacity by some 500 seats, to improve its viability, and to enlarge and improve the public areas of the building. The additional seats have been provided in a new balcony structure and a new ceiling of wing-shaped metal panels accommodates stage lighting positions in the roof, conceals the new ventilation system and improves the acoustics.

A new double-height glazed foyer extension across the back of the building exploits the magnificent views over the Thames Estuary. At the east end of the foyer a semi-circular bay window provides views towards the pier. The old foyers and the first floor restaurant and bar have been completely refurbished including new toilets, joinery and lighting. A new glass lift provides improved access to all levels of the building.