Childs Hill School

Client: Childs Hill School

Year: 2001 Budget: £56,000

Finalist in Best Landscape Project, Brick Awards 2002

Childs Hill School is a Local Authority primary school in the London Borough of Barnet. This small project, commissioned to mark the centenary of the School in 2001, has made a major contribution to the environment of the school playground. The amphitheatre not only provides a sheltered outdoor space for performances, teaching and play but also contains planting around its perimeter, which aims to soften the appearance of the otherwise hard playground.

The amphitheatre is elliptical in form and simple bench seating for a single class is arranged on two steps on the east side. A steel pergola covers the seating area, over which planting is trained, providing shade and a sense of enclosure. Facing the seating on the west side is a curved wall, which has been decorated by the children as an art project. Funding was provided by the Rose Foundation and the DFEE Seed Challenge Programme.