Berkshire Young Musicians Trust

Client: Berkshire Young Musicians Trust

Year: 1998 Budget: £500,000

This project created a new music centre for the Berkshire Young Musicians Trust, the county music teaching service. A 1950s school laboratory and workshop building was converted to provide a modern headquarters and teaching centre for Central Berkshire.

The exterior of the building has remained largely unaltered but has been transformed internally. Music teaching spaces on the ground floor range from large ensemble rooms, suitable for orchestral rehearsals, through to smaller group teaching rooms and small individual practice rooms. All music rooms have a high level of acoustic treatment and isolation, to ensure that noise does not travel between rooms, and are provided with mechanical ventilation so that windows do not have to be opened. Other facilities include staff rooms, new toilets and improved disabled access. The first floor of the building has been converted to provide modern offices and a library for the headquarter’s staff. Unfortunately plans for a second phase to build a new 400-seat recital hall did not proceed.